About us

We are a European holding company dedicated to international business and technological development. We have been working in the sector for over 17 years and we are the company behind BQ, BQ Educación and BQ Engineering.

The aim of this project

We want to ensure that individuals and businesses looking for protection against COVID-19 can access safe and reliable equipment, with guarantees. We have been working in Asia for over a decade and this has equipped us with the knowledge to negotiate with suppliers, obtain the best prices and avoid paying over the odds.

Our commitment

Safety and quality

Our products are compliant with official standards and we also conduct a second safety inspection using western certification companies such as Bureau Veritas and SGS.

Delivery guaranteed

We charter our own flights and we manage the entry into Spanish customs to guarantee delivery on the agreed date.

Real prices

We don’t take part in speculation or price inflation.

Where we are

Spain Office

C/ Estrasburgo, 8, 28232 Las Rozas de Madrid

China Office

Room 908, WeiXing Building, No. 61,

Gaoxin South 9th Road, Nanshan District,


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