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If you are a public or private organisation, working with us will ensure you have access to quality material at a fair price, with guaranteed delivery. We are a safe and reliable European supplier.

Backed by our experience

We have been working with suppliers in Asia for decades. Our inside knowledge of selecting and negotiating with suppliers means we know how to obtain the best prices and avoid paying over the odds for the goods and shipping (which businesses that have recently arrived often experience).

Quality, reliability and safety as guarantees

Star Care products meet all official standards and are tested and proven by European certification companies, compared to other products that come directly from Asian countries under false certificates and without any control.


Control and security throughout the chain of production

Supplier qualification

All suppliers involved in the manufacture of our products meet strict quality requirements and audits 

Inspections during production (IPQC)

During manufacturing, we conduct intensive inspections to ensure that the minimum targets set are met.

These tests are independent and additional to those carried out by the supplier itself and are adapted to the type of product.

Final product inspections (OQC)

We apply the AQL standard (Acceptable Quality Limit) and carry out a battery of tests on a part of the randomly selected production.

Continuous improvement

With each inspection result during production, we work with the supplier on an action plan for each point of improvement. We make sure that this is carried out in the following productions and we verify that these actions improve the quality of the manufacture.

Traceability control and change management

We know the configuration of the production and we store all the information that allows us to track any potential incident.

In addition, we monitor any changes made to the manufacturing or product configuration (ECR) to be able to identify which batches it would affect or from when.

External inspection

Our products pass a second quality check with Western certification companies such as Bureau Veritas and SGS. In addition, we periodically submit our criteria to your audit and inspection to update them continuously.

Laboratory tests

Our products pass the external control of the leading laboratories in the sector in China and Spain. There it is verified that they meet the minimum requirements, such as filtration test, breathability test or materials used.

Financial security with guaranteed delivery

For your peace of mind, we accept various payment methods:

1. Carta de crédito documentada, que solo se hará efectiva tras aportar la documentación y certificación de las mascarillas.

2. Payment by bank transfer.

Accepted currencies:AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, NZD, SGD, USD, CNH, DKK, NOK y SEK.

Timely delivery

We offer three logistical options:


Delivery of the goods to the agreed destination, cleared for import and ready to be unloaded from the aircraft or ship.


Delivery of the goods at the established point of unloading (port or terminal).


Delivery to the carrier or person of your choice at the agreed location (Shenzhen or Canton) and loading of the goods onto your means of transport (ready to be unloaded).

Safe, high-quality protection material

Our products are compliant with official standards and we also conduct a second safety inspection using western certification companies such as Bureau Veritas and SGS.

Personalised customer service and legal advice

We put professional experts in negotiating with government institutions at your service, who can facilitate any management procedure, certification or phase of the process for you.

Over 12 millions

imported face masks

They trust us

Public entities

Cámara de Comercio Madrid
Ayuntamiento Villar de Olalla

Health institutions and companies




Public entities

Health institutions and companies


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