FFP2 mask Black edition Star Care (50 pcs)

5 layers

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Product name: Filtering half mask

Classification: FFP2 – NR (non-reusable)

Model: MSH

Executive standard: EN 149:2001 + A1:2009

Size: Adult

Duration: 8 hours

Individual zip bag to store the mask

Includes cord stoppers for a perfect fit and ear savers for maximum comfort


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Product name: Filtration mask

Classification: FFP2 - NR (non-reusable)

Model: MSH

Specs: 15.7 x 10.7 cm

Executive standard: EN 149:2001 + A1:2009

Size: Adult

Duration: 8 hours

Composition: 66,7% Non-woven cloth, 33,3% Meltblown cloth

Conditions for storage: Indoor storage with less than 80% humidity, free from corrosive gases and well ventilated. Away from heat.

Allergy warning: Non-woven textile

Expiration time: Two years if stored under the specified conditions



Designed for face perfect fit

High breathability

Doble welding that guarantees the resistance of the cords up to 25 newtons

With cord stoppers for size regulation

Ear saver included

Individual packaging including:

  • Zip closure to store the mask while not in use
  • Hours of use indicator
  • Owner identifier
  • Ventilation for correct storage



1. Non-woven fabric

2. Non-woven fabric

3. Melt-blown fabric

4. Melt-blown fabric

5. Non-woven fabric

How to put on the mask


1. Attach the size regulators to the mask straps as shown in the picture.

2. Hold the mask with one hand and place it on the face, fully covering the nose and mouth. The nose clip should be over the nose.

3. Pull the straps and place them behind the ears. Adjust with the size regulators for a better fit. Adjust the nose clip to the nose and make sure the edges of the mask are in direct contact with the face.

4. Fit testing for leaks. Allows you to check that the mask is fitted correctly. To do this, cover the mask with both hands and exhale with force. If any leaks are detected at the edges, you will need to adjust the position of the mask against the face, readjust the nose clip and/or the tensile position of the elastic straps using the size regulators. Repeat this process until no leaks are detected.

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